Choose Neptune Homes

Building your home is building your future. We never forget that your homestyle should match your lifestyle, especially in beautiful Queensland!  So, we spend time working with you to make sure your plan is perfect for the life you are ready to live. We pride ourself on service that listens; we don’t sell, we curate. And, we work to understand your needs and wants. Guaranteed.

At Neptune we hold ourselves accountable to 4 key principles that ensure we will deliver Awesome to you and your family. Our values define how we bring the Neptune Homes promise to life.  We subscribe to them as a team, delivering them authentically, and with pride for our Clients.  We share our Values openly so you can know what to expect, at every interaction:


This is our key value.  Of course! 

‘Be Awesome’ is our invitation to shine!  Each and every day the amazing team at Neptune Homes is empowered, and expected to bring their own brand of awesome to the table.  Our smarts, our smile, our service ethos.. whatever it is, we bring it.  As a result, we prove that your home building experience can be special from start to finish. Above all, our mission is to make our clients feel awesome from the moment you meet us, and for the many years you live in your awesome home.


We’re not for hiding away, we’re for brave ideas, bold thinking, and brilliant clients.  We step up and take responsibility, owning our part of the process and helping across the whole business.  We encourage our clients to be brave, from taking the decision to build their dream, to styling that matches their desires and finally to living their best life in their fresh new Neptune Home. Brilliant is our path, it’s the Neptune way, we have decades of building experience and we are brave enough to stand tall and be recognised across Queensland for it.


We go the extra mile.  We care for each other. We are truly decent.  We treat each other with respect and we completely value our clients.  We take time out to notice the little things, help each other out and build each other up. In other words, It feels good to make each other feel good!


One team.  One awesome dream.  It’s true!  We work collaboratively as one team with one shared vision and we share the load and take the weight off each other. 

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